Monaco Grand Prix: Weekend Awards

Sebastian Vettel will no doubt grab the Monday morning headlines after today’s Monaco Grand Prix but who takes home the alternative F1 weekend awards?

Driver of the Weekend

Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo all had good weekends but I’m going to give this one to F1’s sole Spaniard this weekend, Carlos Sainz. The Toro Rosso driver qualified an excellent sixth around the circuit that demands the most from the drivers on the whole calendar. Despite pressure from Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes late on, Sainz kept his cool to maintain his sixth place and equal his best finish in Formula 1.

Disappointment of the Weekend

Kimi Raikkonen not winning despite getting pole was a big let-down as was McLaren not scoring any points again but Lewis Hamilton takes this award away from the Principality. While his race was good, going from 13th to 7th, his qualifying was disastrous and he only has himself to blame. The Mercedes wasn’t at its best around the streets of Monaco, due to struggling to heat up their tyres, but his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, qualified third, less than a tenth behind pole-sitter, Raikkonen. Hamilton didn’t even make Q3, the first time he’s failed to do so since 2013 because of a lack of pace, which is extremely poor by his standards.

With Vettel winning, the gap has now opened from 6 points to 25 (the same as a win) at the top of the drivers’ championship. It’s only early days, but the 2015 world champion has a lot of work to do if he’s to catch his German rival.

Joker of the Weekend

Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas both had humorous team radios but McLaren’s two world champions stole the show before the race even began. While Jenson Button was lining up to start from the pit-lane, Fernando Alonso rang him up all the way from Indianapolis. The exchange was broadcast live to the world and the two wished each other good luck in their respective races today. In addition to Button stating that he would “pee in his seat.” When Alonso requested him to look after his car.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t laugh at this conversation. Only Jenson was in a position to say something like that, as this will likely be his last race for McLaren and maybe his last Grand Prix in full-stop. Button’s race, however, was no laughing matter, running around at the back until he lunged down the inside of Pascal Wehrlein at Portier and took the both of them out of the action.

Egg-on-face Award

This could’ve gone to Button for his more than hopeful lunge up the inside of Wehrlein or Hamilton for his poor qualifying performance but it’s Marcus Ericsson that wins this one. Ericsson the Swede made himself look like a real turnip when he smashed his Sauber into the barrier at Sante Devote. That in itself isn’t great but when you consider that it was under Safety-car, his face should’ve been as red as Ferrari’s overalls when he climbed out of his wrecked car. Granted, the track was breaking up at Turn 1, but it isn’t even the first time he’s managed to do it. At Suzuka in 2014 he also had an off-track excursion under a full-course yellow. At least that time he managed to continue but there was no chance of that today.

Disagree with our choices, or is there someone else that deserves an award this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!


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